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  1. History of the Hazelnut

    History of the Hazelnut

    Hazelnuts have a long history associated with the Pacific Northwest, specifically the Willamette Valley in Oregon. Although there is a species of hazelnut native to the Pacific Northwest (C. cornuta var. californica), cultivated hazelnuts were introduced to the United States from Europe many years ago, and their history goes back much further than that.

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  2. The Rundown on Raw Hazelnuts

    The Rundown on Raw Hazelnuts

    Hazelnuts are tasty and nutritious superfoods, and you can eat them fresh, straight off the tree! (Provided you have something to crack them open with). Raw hazelnuts have many health benefits and are convenient because you don’t have to spend time preparing them.

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  3. Everything You Need to Know About Hazelnut Flour

    Everything You Need to Know About Hazelnut Flour

    Oregon hazelnuts and their versatility never cease to amaze us at Hazelnut Hill! Did you know that hazelnut flour is a great substitute for normal wheat flour in the kitchen? It is low in carbohydrates and rich in dietary fiber and protein. Hazelnut flour is nutritious and also gives a rich, sweet, nutty flavor and dense texture to foods which many people enjoy.

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  4. Hazelnut Hill Mother’s Day Special

    Hazelnut Hill Mother’s Day Special

    Mother’s Day is right around the corner and what better way to spend it than treating Mom to some tasty, homemade delights. At Hazelnut Hill, our hazelnuts are the perfect ingredient for some truly delicious recipes. To show appreciation to all mothers out there, we are offering 10% off your order when you purchase from our website between May 1 to May 14!

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  5. The Amazing Health Benefits of Hazelnuts

    The Amazing Health Benefits of Hazelnuts

    Health organizations worldwide recommend the daily intake of nuts in order to improve overall health. Hazelnuts have an abundance of amazing health benefits and are a tasty and filling source of nutrition.

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  6. The Hazelnut Market is on the Rise

    The Hazelnut Market is on the Rise

    At Hazelnut Hill, we like to stay up to date on the latest news and research within our industry. We also would like to share with you some recent data which shows that the hazelnut market is looking to grow robustly over the next decade.

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  7. A Quick Guide to Growing Hazelnut Trees

    A Quick Guide to Growing Hazelnut Trees

    Growing hazelnut (or filbert) trees can be enormously rewarding. Not only do hazelnut hedges produce a tasty treat, they also attract wildlife, act as a visual screen and as a natural windbreak. Hazelnuts grow most successfully in plant hardiness zones 4 through 9, making Oregon, and more specifically the Willamette Valley, the perfect climate for growing them.

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  8. Chocolate Hazelnut Cookie Recipes

    Chocolate Hazelnut Cookie Recipes

    There is no shortage of amazing recipes that include filberts and we definitely have some up our sleeves. At Hazelnut Hill, we have a passion for both filberts and chocolate, here are three decadent cookie recipes that are to die for. We even included a gluten-free recipe!

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