At Hazelnut Hill, all our products are made in small batches. We pride ourselves on only using fair trade, high-quality chocolate along with local ingredients. We use Oregon hazelnuts which we grow on our very own farm. Always chocolate fans, we at Hazelnut Hill wanted to learn everything there was to know about the process of making chocolate and how to incorporate it with our hazelnut farm. We started off with wanting to make yummy hazelnut spreads which morphed into combining chocolate and hazelnuts in various different ways. It was also very important to us to make high quality, local products, as we live in Oregon which is the largest producer of hazelnuts in the country. Our hazelnut chocolates are absolutely delicious, and we think you’ll love them as much as we do.

Hazelnut and Chocolate’s Rich Romance

Hazelnuts and chocolate have been around for thousands of years. Chocolate is native to the tropical rainforests of Central America while hazelnuts have been found and grown around the world. Both chocolate and hazelnuts have been sought after for their deliciousness and health benefits as both are packed with antioxidants which helps support your immune system and promote skin and eye health.

Mixing hazelnuts and chocolate together is a relatively recent phenomenon which can be hard to believe based on how wonderful we now know the combination to be. As with many romances, the marriage of hazelnuts and chocolate started in beautiful Italy. In the 1800’s, cocoa needed to be imported, so it was very expensive and could only be enjoyed by the wealthy. To combat this, chocolatiers and candy makers started using hazelnuts, which were in abundance, in combination with cocoa to make chocolate products that were more affordable. And what a match it was!

Even though it started as a necessity due to the economic conditions of the time, hazelnut chocolate turned out to be incredibly delectable and delightful. These two foods compliment each other wonderfully and can be used to make a wide range of delicious products from hazelnut chocolate spreads to chocolate covered hazelnuts and hazelnut infused chocolate.



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