As some people have peanut allergies or just a general distaste for peanuts which prevents them from enjoying regular peanut butter, hazelnut butter is a great alternative to peanut butter! At Hazelnut Hill, we make our own hazelnut butter spread with 100% roasted Oregon hazelnuts.

Although hazelnut butter may be a little less familiar than peanut butter, there are just as many tasty and creative ways to use it. Here are some ways you can incorporate hazelnut butter into your meals.

Ways To Use Hazelnut Butter:

Spread on toast, pancakes, and waffles

  • Simply spread hazelnut butter onto your favorite breakfast carbs such as toast, pancakes or waffles.

Chocolate hazelnut spread

  • There is something magical about the combination of chocolate and hazelnuts, which makes the popularity of chocolate hazelnuts spreads, such as Nutella, completely understandable. Just add some cocoa powder, vanilla, and sugar to your jar of Hazelnut Hill Hazelnut Butter and you’ve got some homemade chocolate hazelnut spread.

In shakes and smoothies

In desserts

As a dipping sauce for apples, celery, and crackers

  • We all know that apple slices and celery go great with peanut butter, so why not switch it up and use hazelnut butter to make your ants on a log instead. Hazelnut butter is an easy and tasty dip or spread for vegetable crackers, apples, and celery.

Hazelnut butter and jelly sandwiches

  • Get creative with your PB&Js and try it with an alternative nut butter such as hazelnut butter! Feeling really adventurous? Try a hazelnut butter and sliced pear sandwich.

Straight out of the jar

  • Grab a spoon and enjoy the creamy, rich flavor of 100% roasted Oregon hazelnuts.

Using hazelnut butter as a replacement for peanut butter will add complexity and a rich, roasted flavor to your recipes. For some delicious and Oregon-grown hazelnut butter, check Hazelnut Hill’s online shop!



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