You spoke, and we listened! We are excited to announce the launch of our new website. This website is easy to navigate, with clear pricing on each product, as well as shipping by weight! No more flat rate shipping. It was the only way we knew how to ship the first year. After your feedback, and doing some research, we were able to change the way we ship. We hope this helps keep costs down if you only want 1-2 small items, as well as keeping with our fast, convent shipping methods with USPS.

Aside from the new website, we are working on some new products! Remember the salted hazelnuts? The spicy hazelnuts? We are in the process of hooking up the equipment and perfecting the recipe from before. We also our going to launch a line of flavored chocolate buttons, such as raspberry chocolate, mint chocolate, hazelnut chocolate, for you to cook with, eat, or gift to a friend!

We thank you for your loyalty to Hazelnut Hill while we have worked out some hiccups and learned about building our business back up.

Ryan & Rachel



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